Set up in 2017 by Jonathan Hordle, INhouse images is the culmination of over a decade of top level experience in the photographic industry.

Beginning his professional  career back in 2004,  Jonathan spent over a decade as a staff photographer at leading UK press agency Rex Features, photographing some of the biggest events in Entertainment and current affairs. 

© Jonathan Hordle  - INhouse images is a trading name of Jonathan Hordle Photography.  All rights Reserved

From key annual events like the Bafta's, Brits, Glastonbury festival and London Fashion Week right the way through to once in a lifetime spectacles,  like the  2012 Olympic Games , Jonathan has been there, documenting history in the making.

​In 2011,  responding  to  an ever changing industry, Jonathan  shifted the principle focus of his photography away from the editorial market in favour of  commercial endeavors.  Whilst continuing to cover high profile events, he began additionally working with PR companies  and Brands themselves to  generate 'media ready' commercial imagery.  It was this shift which  ultimately proved the catalist in what later became the firms Commercial assignments division.

Since leaving in early 2017, Jonathan has continued to build upon his success as a commercial photographer.  Now operating with ultimate flexibility, he  works with a more diverse range of clients than ever before, with first class photography now supported by project consultancy, image distribution and retouching services.

INhouse Image Provides bespoke solutions to projects of all sizes rom intimate ‘one off’ events  right the way up to major retail campaigns where cross platform content solutions have been required.

​For more details or to discuss your requirements, please visit the contact section or to view samples of latest work, please click here.​